About Us

The death of a person is an universal truth regardless of religion, age, nationality, color, caste or faith. We are so involved in this materialistic world that we fail to realize that our time on this Earth is limited and eventually we all must make the journey to our permanent destiny towards Allah. The world is becoming more complex and costly every day and so is the cost of laying our loved ones to rest after their passing. At times families are not able to bear these expenses because of reasons beyond their control. During such arduous times families should be free to pray for their loved ones, instead of having to worry about finances. With the above thought in mind, “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services” (BMFS), was established to ease the financial burden, perform the religious rites and stand beside the family of the deceased with emotional support at the most critical time of their life. “Bangladesh Muslim Funeral Services” is a federally registered not for profit organization driven by its members. BMFS not only will extend financial support to the members of the deceased’s family to cover the funeral cost, but will also stand beside the family with empathy. May Allah accept this good cause.